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Leveraging the latest advancements in AI and VUI tech to improve nurse satisfaction, NurseCare.AI™ replaces antiquated technology supporting key areas within CMS’ 5-STAR Rating requirements including the analog nurse call button, patient surveys, discharge summaries, vital tracking and more.

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Mission & Values

NurseCare™ was inspired out of a compassion for nurses around the world. NurseCare™ is committed to eliminating harmful technology-burnout by equipping nurses with intuitive technology, requiring minimal training designed to improve patient care and efficiencies by targeting “high-traffic” challenges. When you prioritize nurse satisfaction, patients receive better care and health systems improve 5-STAR ratings.

NurseCare.AI™ For...


Skilled Nursing Facilities, Home Health, Home Care, Hospice, Long term care & Recovery Centers



With higher quality of care advanced statistics on patients we will reduce readmission rates at you facility


CMS Star Rating

NurseCare™ was developed specifically to partner with administrators and facilities to increase 5-STAR ratings



Investing in AI Technologies has helped gain a lot of attraction from patients as they gain comfort with their virtual assistant.


Critical Access Hospitals, Community Hospitals, Academic Facilities & Integrated Delivery Networks


Large group practices, Independent Physician Associations & Large primary care networks

Advanced Solutions

Nurse & Patient Data

Our AI systems increase data availability for smoother surveys and more in depth patient and efficiency analysis



Finally, a technology dedicated to improving Nurse satisfaction and safety. With nursing shortages, declining reimbursements, health systems are requiring more and more to the front-lines of care. NurseCare™ reduces routine patient interactions by 50%, by equipping nurses with more accurate systems and descriptive patient alerts.
How do you improve Patient Safety? Eliminate burnout which is proven to double the chance of an adverse event. In addition, replace outdated "analog" technology restricted to a very limited catalog of alerts with real-time accurate patient information. "NurseCare™, I am feeling dizzy and light headed." Compared to a button and a light that can mean anything.
With annual reimbursement adjustments, value-based contracts and 5-Star Ratings becoming more important, Health Systems must embrace a new paradigm of care. NurseCare™ was developed specifically to partner with administrators and facilities to increase 5-STAR ratings, improve patient engagement and eliminate costly redundancies.

What Our Clients Say About Us

As a skilled nursing facility , the implementation of NurseCare™ system in our patients rooms has added a tremendous amount of value. When i first learned about NurseCare™, i loved the idea from the start and couldn't wait to have it in our building - largely for marketing purposes. The system brings a unique level modern innovation that helps us stand apart from the competition. Above all, however, it allows us better caters to the needs of our residents.



Your NurseCare™ Team

Michael Lang
Chief executive officer

As NurseCare. AI’s CEO, Michael brings with him 25-years of “battle tested” healthcare leadership and experience. Michael’s vast experience includes extensive research observing workflows and listening to challenges in order to more effectively partner with providers and staff to implement user-friendly solutions. With a leadership-by-example style, Michael passionately leads NurseCare.AI towards a vision and mission centered on improving the nurse experience by introducing easy-to-use, “fun” solutions delivering lower cost, higher-quality and more efficient patient care.

Wayne Kelly
Chief Information officer

Wayne has established himself as a thought leader in the space where data intersects with technology and better medicine. During a career spanning over 20 years, he was responsible for driving success at Thomson Reuters where he led the effort for all post-acute/LTACH Joint Commission clients demonstrating a 100% TJC submission success for performance and patient satisfaction data. In addition, he led the effort for Core Measure Data submission to CMS for the Department of Defense (DoD) and all acute care clients (HCD).

John Livria
Chief Commercial officer

As the CCO of NurseCare.AI, John is responsible for listening to our clients, the hard working Marketing Directors, Case Managers, Discharge Planners and Patient Experience Teams. As the closest leader to NurseCare.AI’s client, John is passionate and empowered to ensure we continue to develop user-friendly technology that focuses on improving efficiency, patient experience and aligning with critical 5-STAR rating improvements.

Neeraj Haathi
Chief Technology officer

With over 23 years of development and senior product management, Neeraj serves as NurseCare.AI’s CTO and Executive VP, Neeraj is responsible for establishing NurseCare.AI platforms as the benchmark for user-experience excellence. NurseCare.AI is one of the first solution designs to specifically target and reduce technology burnout by developing easy to use platforms that require minimal training and address major barriers to bettering patient care.

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We have virtual offices in PE, CA, DE and India. 

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