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NurseCareAI develops solutions that Engage patients, to offer Choice for greater Insight.
Introducing NurseCareAI 360°

Decrease provider burnout, maximize operation efficiencies and improve patient reported outcomes for a greater ROI

Choice 360

Choice 360, a part of the NurseCare.AI suite of solutions, is an AI driven platform that streamlines patient choice during the discharge process, and seamlessly connects patients to post-acute providers that meet their specific needs.

The IMPACT Act of 2014 now requires that hospitals offer patients a list of post-acute care options available to them. It also requires that the presentation of choice and quality measures is recorded/documented to show proof of unbiased choice and equal representation

“When it was put together it worked so amazing because it's all inclusive...because everything we want a patient to see in order to make an informed choice is right there at their fingertips. We used this pre-COVID...we loved it then and we absolutely love and thrive on it now”
Denise Bates
Director of Care Continuum at Sierra View Medical Center

Engage 360

NurseCare Engage, powered by NurseCare.AI™, aligns with a new generation of artificial intelligence (AI) powered technology commonly referred to as Digital Health Solutions. Through simple voice-action commands, patients can alert the correct member of their care team in seconds.

NurseCare Engage sorts requests based on severity and words used in the command so that urgent needs are prioritized over simpler housekeeping tasks. By empowering patients to use their voice, care teams can better attend to each request without spreading themselves too thin.

As a skilled nursing facility , the implementation of NurseCare™ system in our patients rooms has added a tremendous amount of value. When i first learned about NurseCare™, i loved the idea from the start and couldn't wait to have it in our building. The system brings a unique level modern innovation that helps us stand apart from the competition. Above all, however, it allows us better caters to the needs of our residents.
Forrest Allen
Administrator at Lindsay Gardens

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