Improving Health in a New Way

With the numerous challenges to delivering quality healthcare today, the need to innovate is enormous! Research (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Schroeder et al.) has shown that clinical delivery systems contribute as little as 10-20% of health outcomes when compared to other factors like health behavior, environment, poverty, education, and other social determinates. Wow! What […]

Wisdom from a Farmer

If you haven’t heard there is a shortage of iodine based IV Contrast material that enables contrast images in CT scans. That means cancer patients and others are unable to be accurately diagnosed without the material that makes it easier to view organs, blood vessels and tumors. The use of IV contrast improves the accuracy of […]

A 2022 Leadership Essential

What is the 2022 Leadership Essential?  Well, that is easy – you simply must be like Dorothy! Yes.  Hang in there for a moment and it will become very clear.   Who knows what challenges lie ahead for leaders in 2022? We hope for no surprises, but in what year do you remember where there […]

Innovation is a Must!

I have a saying regarding Innovation. It is a remarkably simple one… “go beyond seeing it.”  That is what is required to innovate. In the March 18th Becker’s Hospital Review, Naomi Diaz wrote about what four hospital leaders say kills innovation. These leaders are innovators themselves, so their perspectives are all worth listening to and […]

Rate Hike Affecting Inflation?

On March 16, 2022, the Wall Street Journal reported on the action coming out of the just concluded Federal Reserve meeting. The Federal Reserve (Fed) said it would lift interest rates and is estimating a series of further increases this year aimed at keeping the economy from overheating, to reduce the highest levels of inflation […]

The Insight that Matters

Waiting for my first child to be born was so exciting. The days went by quickly and I spent my extra time shopping, painting and preparing for the arrival. I ate well, exercised, and took great care of myself. I was proud of my journey. Then, at 27 weeks into my pregnancy, I woke up […]

How to reduce the psychological effects of COVID-19 on your SNF patients

The coronavirus pandemic has largely impacted the mental and emotional health of the masses. Residents in skilled nursing facilities (SNF) represent the vulnerable population that has been greatly affected by the excruciating effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, in terms of their psychological health and general outlook on life. Multiple surveys in developed countries have reported a significant number of deaths in nursing homes due to the outbreak of coronavirus disease. Due measures are in-practice to minimize the spread in nursing homes but its harmful psychological effects are mostly overlooked and attract very little attention.