Choice 360

Choice 360 is a user-friendly platform designed to bring Acute & Sub Acute Hospitals in compliance with Medicare’s Impact Act requiring disclosure of Patient Choice & Quality Measures.

More than compliance, Choice 360 focuses on a virtual patient experience through video tours of (PAC) service lines within the healthcare community driving comfort, confidence, and safety during their transition from hospital to recovery.

Choice 360 has included a robust library of patient education meant to engage patients through their healthcare journey which ultimately minimizes readmissions and maximizes patient experience & patient outcomes.

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CMS’ Discharge Planning Rule

New discharge planning requirements, as mandated by the IMPACT act for hospitals, HHAs, and CAHs, that requires facilities to assist patients, their families, or the patient’s representative in selecting a post-acute care (PAC) services provider or supplier by using and sharing PAC data on quality measures and resource use measures. 

This data must be relevant and applicable to the patient’s goals of care and treatment preferences.



Ensuring Compliance with CMS' IMPACT Act

How Choice 360 Helped Sierra View Medical Center

NurseCare.AI’s Choice 360 Solution


User-friendly Interface

With a user-oriented approach, we have designed our application to facilitate your crucial decision-making process. Now efficient discharge planning is possible in just a few steps that are simple and time-saving.

CMS Star Rating

To increase your choice confidence, we facilitate you with CMS rating info of PAC settings, which is frequently updated.


Choice Comparison

What would be better than an interface allowing comparison of your preferences so that you can compare the desired features of your care provider and make better decisions.

Card facility

To further ease up the process, we provide simple facilities in the format of ‘cards’ that ensure convenience and comfort.

Choices confirmation

On the choices tab, you can make a confirmation of your chosen nursing facilities and view them at a later time with your family.

Patient Surveys

Optional patient surveys can be administered during the Choice process. 

Our standard survey concentrates on CAHPS key domains, Overall, NPS, HADS and QOL.

Current Discharge Risks and the Choice 360 Solution

Current Risks

  • Lack of coherence and transparency in the discharge process.
  • Erratic discharge process with complex discharge arrangements.
  • Incomprehensible discharge specifications.

  • Choice is easy to make with up-to-date data and virtual tours.
  • PAC analytics adhering to Medicare and HIPAA standards.
  • Simple and time-saving options for better discharge decisions.
  • Absolute patient involvement, leading to higher satisfaction and decreased readmissions.

Current Risks

  • Lack of awareness of the discharge process.
  • Inarticulate discharge specifications.
  • Limited option for joint decision making.
  • Less patient engagement due to cultural and language barriers.

  • Interface available in two languages.
  • Provides a common ground for patient and family preferences for caring services.
  • Comprehensible and non-complex list of care options brought to the bedside with a user-oriented interface.
  • Increased confidence of choice due to virtual tours and easily accessible post-acute analytics.

Current Risks

  • Limited options for resource sharing.
  • Gaps in communication between health and social care teams.
  • Demand for inpatient beds.

  • Choice presented with advanced data and analytics adhering to Medicare and HIPAA standards
  • More patient involvement, leading to increased satisfaction and decreased readmissions


“When it was put together it worked so amazing because it’s all inclusive…because everything we want a patient to see in order to make an informed choice is right there at their fingertips. We used this pre-COVID…we loved it then and we absolutely love and thrive on it now”

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