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Introducing Patient Sentinel, a bedside concierge leveraging intelligent patient engagement to cover patients 24/7 allowing providers to triage care by severity, improving response time, patient experience and outcomes.

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Patient sentinel bedside concierge covers patients 24/7 allowing providers to triage care by severity, improving response time, patient experience and outcomes.


Ease the already daunting staffing shortage and cut out unnecessary visits to patients. Enable Nursing staff to effectively tend to patient needs while limiting patient to provider exposure.

Skilled Nursing

Patient Sentinel allows patients to access their caretakers with ease at any time using voice activated technology. Efficiently staffing facilities and effectively responding to resident requests is simplified.

Home Health

Empower aging in place and improve the quality of care by offering conversational engagement outside of the traditional clinical setting. Anticipate crises before they occur with HIPAA compliant data analytics.


On demand physician concierge enabling hands-free data collection allowing staff to focus their time on essential patient care rather than administrative burdens.

5-Minutes After Patient Request

With exponential growth of technology in the healthcare industry, traditional nurse call systems and their excessive requests have led to a massive increase in provider burnout. Burnout has been determined to double the risk of an adverse event. Harvard Business Review, in 2018 explained, “Activities that have nothing to do with patient care consume over half (51%) of a nurse’s workload and nearly a fifth (16%) of physician activities.” Given the growing staff shortage, NurseCare Patient Sentinel improves patient care by utilizing AI technology to revitalize caregivers.

NurseCare balances provider activity by allowing patients to use their voice to immediately put their needs in front of the necessary staff. Estimations say that AI-powered nurse assistants could save $20 billion annually by saving 20% of the time nurses spent on patient maintenance tasks.

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Why NurseCare.AI?


53% of nurses felt that call lights prevented them from doing the critical aspects of their work


55% would use “an intelligent virtual nurse that monitors your health condition, medications, and vital signs at home


82% of the participating organizations received reduced reimbursements in 2019 due to readmission rates that were too high

This is a technology that an increasing number of patients are already familiar with and have in their homes with 55% of U.S. households expected to have smart speakers by 2022, voice assistants are becoming a critical mechanism for educating patients, communicating with them about where to access care, and providing ongoing care management. Incorporating Patient Sentinel technology into your strategy can mean little to no added expense, plus it is HIPAA-compliant. Data also shows that hospital and healthcare systems that have used artificial intelligence to reduce readmissions reported lower rates and increased patient satisfaction. One healthcare system managed to cut its readmission rates from 21% to 14% within a year.

How to Use Patient Sentinel

As easy as 1,2,3...


Activate your virtual assistant

Example: “Hey Google, launch NurseCare.”


Speak your needs or how you’re feeling

Example: “I don’t feel too great, could I have my medicine?”


Hold tight!

Your care team is aware of your request and will be there shortly.

All-IN-One Dashboard

The NurseCare dashboard integrates all patient requests and organizes them based on real-time language use to catalyze the prioritization of workflow. Connect to data easily and monitor everything with flexibility and control. 

Advanced Data and Analytics

Easily accessed through the dashboard, NurseCare offers insights on patient request turnaround times. Recording these insights for later evaluation in order to better offer care and more effective/efficient staffing.

Vital Tracking

Patient Sentinel enables patients to use voice-activated remote vital tracking. Providing care teams with advanced data and ongoing records of patients heart rate, blood pressure, glucose level, and many more with ease.

HIPAA Compliant

All operations of NurseCare and its suite of products adhere to HIPAA compliance, assuring the security, privacy, and integrity of patient’s Protected Health Information.

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