Insight 360

Data Driven Decisions Produce Quality Patient Outcomes

Insight 360 is a healthcare experience survey solution that offers the resources to create tailored surveys for delivery at the point of care; this improves access to transparent patient data, which in turn can guide internal process improvements on a granular level across a number of key measures, including patient satisfaction/experience.

****  NurseCareAI is not a CAHPS vendor. Insight 360 is developed to act as a compliment to your mandated CAHPS surveys ****

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Current Issues


Response Rate

Historically response rates have been an issue in healthcare. Post discharge paper and phone surveys return less than 30%.


Provider Burnout

The overwhelming shortage in the medical provider workforce, COVID-19 pandemic, and surge of elderly people around the world are leading to increased clinician burnout



The pandemic has created a challenge for infection control, patient engagement and communication.


Legacy Technology

Surveys are traditionally administered/collected post discharge and often by paper surveys or mail.


Insight 360

Response Rate

Our clients are enjoying an 80+ % response rate when approaching the patient at Point-of-Care (POC).

Provider Burnout

A concentration on provider experience data as well as patient experience will help to improve operation efficiencies and reduce provider burnout.

Creating a culture of care for provider and patient.


Data is collected at POC using iPads in waterproof cases and are cleaned/disinfected after each use. Surveys can also be delivered by email or in a kiosk environment

Legacy Technology

Administering virtual surveys at POC offers real-time comparison and benchmark reporting. Reducing paper waste and report wait times…creating actionable data.